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Cahuita is a small caribbean village with a layed back environment, it has plenty to offer in the way of spending some quiet tranquil time. With a number of hotels, local sodas and restaurants in town, as well as supermarkets, banks, health clinics and schools, it holds the best of both worlds. The beaches here are picture perfect with trails leading from here into a coastal forest nearby.



The first stage of development includes 14 lots inside a gated community.

- The topography of the lots vary from completely flat to slightly sloped.

- All of them contain several trees inside the property.


Coral Village is located 25 miles south-east from Limón City.

It´s located 0.65 miles away from Cahuita´s black beach and 1.5 miles away from Cahuita Town and National Park.

Coral Village is part of an eco-friendly community.

The area is not densly populated and it is mainly residential with some small hotels and restaurants nearby.

All nearby roads are in good conditions and can be toured by car, bike or foot.


14 km of beautiful black and white sand beaches shaded by coconut palm trees, lush forests, marsh lands and mangroves.

It was created in 1970 to protect 2 400 ha of marine area, which contains 600 ha of a worldwide famous coral reef. It also protects 1 068 ha of continental area, which is distinguished by an exuberant biodiversity, fresh water rivers and estuaries.

This park is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed day on the beach, swim in tranquil waters and enjoy the local culture.